Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unwanted Publication: One Last Warning-Stop It!

Here's the offender.
For the fifth time--four on the phone, today's in writing--I have had to file a complaint with the local daily paper that I do not want its shopper, The Shoptimist, left in my driveway.

The paper has simply ignored the complaints and continued to leave this mess in my drive, putting me in the position of taking it directly to the recycling bin and making me angry about it every week.

This is litter, pure and simple. I don't want it; I don't read it; I consider it a nuisence and an intrusion onto my property. The circulation department at the paper closes at 3 p.m., so I had to leave my e-mail message with customer "service" (the quotes there are advisable, since they're not serving me very well).

The message warned that if this publication shows up again in my driveway or my yard, I will call the City Attorney and the police and file a formal complaint that my yard is being littered by the person delivering this publication. I will expect the city to act upon that complaint.

I have heard any number of people complain about this practice--one for which the paper is paid by advertisers, who look at me as "circulation" (I am not "circulation"). I hope those of you who don't want this publication will join me in complaining. The phone number (6 a.m.-3 p.m.) is 540-981-3211.

I will start calling advertisers if I have to file a formal complaint. I'll start with Kroger, The Friendship, HHGregg and Lowes. That should get somebody's attention.

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  1. For me it's an even bigger nuisance. Some jerk walking through my neighborhood likes to take the copy in front of my house and throw it on my roof. This started when I moved to Roanoke over a year ago, before I was here long enough to have possibly upset anyone but still I'm targeted.

    For me, the delivery of these papers means I need to climb up on the roof again to get it down before recycling. Ugh.