Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gratitude: A Woman Who Holds My Attention

Mollie Parker: Oh, my!
Today I am grateful for:

Mollie Parker. Yes, that Mollie Parker, the one who plays the cool, elegant, sizzling widow on "Deadwood."

She's 42 and has been acting with success since 1991, but I've only recently come across her, first in "House of Cards" (she's the House Whip), then in "Deadwood," where I was smitten. She's been in such notable TV series as "Lonesome Dove," "Six Feet Under," "Swingtown," "Boardwalk Empire," "Dexter" and "The Firm," as well as more than 40 movies.

How'd I miss her all this time? I guess she just had to grow up, get a little petina, age in the crock. But she has whatever it is that knocks my shoes in the creek now and I find myself stopping the show every once in a while just to look at her.

No, she's not a classic beauty. She has far, far more than that. She's interesting and I'll give you classic beauty, two future high draft choices and a lot of cash for interesting. Thank you, Mollie.


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