Thursday, August 7, 2014

Photos: A Day on the Water with My Buddy

Maddie warming up for her first kayak outing this summer.
The green boat is Mads'.
Maddie and I got out on Carvins Cove for the first time together this summer--a long time coming.

She wasn't in shape for the paddle, so we wound up tethering her green boat to my orange one and paddling our butts off. She still had to paddle, but could rest upon occasion, which suited both of us. I got a workout and she got to work up.

We visited with her little brother, Oz, on the way out and he tried out a boat. I promised that in five years, when he's 8, we'll go ... if I make it that long.

Good day for Pamps and the Pampettes.

Tethered Maddie.
Madeline paddlin' on her own. Workout.
Maddie's macho island pose.
Mads found two turkey vulture feathers.
I found moss on my shoe.
Mads and me.
Oz discovers the kayak and the paddle and gets a promise.


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