Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Lefty Day

Today is National Left-Handers Day and let me take this opportunity to say that I have, for many years, found that particular trait to be truly sexy in women. Right up there with curly red hair, a round butt, green eyes and a slightly pigeon-toed walk.

My favorite* ex-wife Kathryn had four of those five--no curly red hair, but her dark brown hair was gorgeous--and I think that's why she still hovers over me like the Sword of Damacles.

Anyhow, happy lefty day, y'all. And thank god for the people who invented left-handed hammers, baseball bats and coffee cups. I know it's  burden functioning in a righty society, but I appreciate you.

(*There's a tie for No. 1 with Christina.)



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