Sunday, August 17, 2014

An Explosive Night at a "Sold Out" Ball Park

This is called a "sellout" in Salem. Looks a few bricks short of a load to me.
Barney Fife made an appearance.
The Myrtle Beach baseball team must have a giant headache today. It scored nine runs against the Salem Red Sox last night and still lost by eight before an announced sellout crowd of 6,490. Concentrate on the word "announced" here because a lot of people came disguised as empty seats. Looked like something closer to 4,500 in attendence, but it was, indeed, a nice crowd and parking was a bitch.

The game itself played well to the crowd with Salem accounting for 21 of abut 35 total hits, a number of them home runs and one of those over the center field wall (405 feet at its base, but it's a tall wall), which is rare.

The Mayberry Deputy (and he resists being called "Barney Fife" for copyright reasons, I'd suppose) was in attendence and this guy must have one of the great jobs in the world. He carries laughter with him at every stop, playing his character to the fullest and flashing that toothy smile often.

The game ended with fireworks, which, given the score, were totally unnecessary, but pretty.


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