Friday, August 15, 2014

Photos: A Busy Day at the Park

Even the floating logs in the river were crowded; 8 turtles on this one (find the 8th).
Bikers playing by the rules (Yay!).
It was a jam-packed Roanoke River Greenway around lunchtime today when even the turtles sunning themselves had to pack in.

Bikers, skateboarders, rollerskaters, walkers and even those trying to take a nap found a lot of company.

Here's some of what it looked like.

Keep right and you won't get hit.
Teen-agers at the skateboard park.
Snuggling under a convenient tree ... or two.
This guy has found the secret.
Holding it all in. Or not.
Looking for a drink at the lavender bar.
Yes, somebody has to do it.
Anticipating a collision?
Mom and the boys.
Pee-potty for boys.
Advice for the Greenway.

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