Saturday, August 9, 2014

Photo Essay: Maddie and Leah, Together Again

The joy in this photo was indicative of the day.
Leah and Maddie get a good look at each other.
My dear friend Leah Weiss, who has been so close to my grandgirl Maddie for the past few years, was the destination for the Traveling Pampa/Pampettes today. Maddie and I drove over to Lynchburg for a day of frolic, rain or no rain and we had a blast.

We began the day with Maddie combing over Leah's partly renovated house, then went to City Market for the obligatory biscuits at Irene's Country Cooking, the best place in Lynchburg to eat breakfast.

Breakfast at Irene's Country Cooking (recommended).
We wandered the market where we ran into a lovely Honduros native named Jannett Spearman, who co-owns Spearman Artisanry, where she makes jewelry. More on that in the next blog (good story), took photos, picked up a European pastry for Maddie, marveled at the high prices of veggies in the farmers stalls and examined an enormous amount of "stuff."

From there we went to a fascinating antique shop, then to Goodwill in Madison Heights, where Maddie did her dressup-try-on (she bought a gray cocktail dress; she's 9) and then to Lynchburg's City Cemetary, a wonderful place that took on a whole new dimension with Maddie there. Leah introduced us to a big swing in the cemetary and Maddie nearly wore it out.

Wonderful day for us all and it was delightful seeing Leah. It has been far too long. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Mads and Leah at the antique shop.

The three of us outside Lynchburg City Market.
Maddie and Leah at the cemetary pond.
Pampa's turn on the swing ...
... and now Leah's turn, with Maddie pushing.
Guess who likes soft, dipped ice cream from Mickey D's?
Those are goldfish between the gals.

Maddie and her dresses (she picked the gray).

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