Thursday, August 21, 2014

The McConnell Dilemma: Are Losses Better Than Wins?

McConnell: Is a loss really a win?
There's bad news and a shimmer of good news on the Mitch McConnell front these days. The Senate Minority Leader says if Republicans win the Senate in the fall and if he wins his Senate race and if he becomes Majority Leader, he'll likely shut down the government if President Obama does not become his toadie. Lot of "ifs" in there.

The good news is two-fold: Not all of that is  likely to happen. He has bitter challenges at every turn and could well go 0-3. The other good news is that if he goes 3-0, shuts down the government and leads ruling Republicans into the 2016 biennial elections (in a presidential year), the GOP will almost certainly re-lose the Senate and could well drop the House while electing yet another Democrat to the White House.

Politico has a good piece this a.m. on the choices.

So, how do we root here? Should McConnell win it all this year, then get killed in 2016, or should the Dems barely hold on, whip McC in the Kentucky Senate race (to a strong, worthy woman with a lot of guts) and keep the government in a state of semi-permanent gridlock.

Tough choice.


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