Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Photo Essay: I Never Get Tired of These Mountains

The view from the top of Tinker Mountain looking east today about noon.
T'was a glorious day for an excursion into the mountains today and my hiking pal Debbie Stevens and I set off to Tinker Mountain/Appalachian Trail with vigor.

Debbie in her warrior pose, celebrates.
Here's some of what we saw (the mushrooms in the previous post were there, too, but they deserved their own space) and it was gorgeous.

We ran into a through-hiking couple--probably mid-20s--who said they'd gotten on the trail at the Connecticut-New York border, hiked to Maine, then headed south with Georgia the goal. That'd be the whole trail.

Except for one thing.

When they left us, they were walking north. Hope they discovered their mistake quickly. Nice kids, but I didn't catch the error until they'd gone.
Debbie captures the view.
OK, so how far do we want to go?
Pampa strikes his manly-man pose.
Ah, the cove. Always gorgeous.

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