Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gratitude: Facebook for Professional Recommendations

Today, I am grateful for:

Facebook as my own personal go-to spot for professional recommendations. I needed a plumber a couple of days ago and asked the FB community what it thought. I got about 12 responses. Five of them suggested Allen Shiplett (Shiplett Plumbing in Roanoke), so I called him.

He came over the next morning, looked at the problem (I needed a new kitchen faucet setup), gave me an estimate and an hour later--after his trip to the plumbing supply outlet--I had a faucet and he had $250 for everything. When it works like that, I love it.

'Course, when you do this, you takes your chances--as you would with anything else. I had the same plumbing problem about three weeks ago and got a recommendation from FB. The handsome young plumber showed up, analyzed the problem, called the supplier and said he had to go get the parts. I never saw him again.

But Allen Shiplett showed up, performed as those recommending him said he would and I'm happy. You can reach him at 540-342-6689 or on his cell at 540-330-4689.


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