Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photos: Downtown Roanoke in Black and White

The new plaza on Market Square at lunch. Cosmo, boys and girls. Cosmo.
Wells Fargo under a cloud.
Herewith are some photos I shot yesterday in downtown Roanoke. I went down with the considered intent to come home with a few black and white pictures, a presumptious goal on any day, but this one was overcast and had few shadows to capture.

But they were there and here they are. Black and white and one color because I couldn't resist. Roanoke is lovely in any color.

Pedestrian bridge over the Norfolk Southern tracks.
Eric Fitzpatrick's LOVE on Wells Fargo Plaza.
Hotel Roanoke walkway.
Norfolk and Western Railway station by Raymond Loewy.
Grass on the Lick Run Greenway.
Sunnyside Barbershop: Always a conversation (and no smoking, please).
Tables outside City Market building.
Clearly ID'd bike rack.
And one street scene in color just 'cause.

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