Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gratitude: The Visit's Done, the Memory Lingers

Leah and Maddie: Buddies forever.
Today, I am grateful for:

My son's family's visit. It's been nearly two weeks and they leave to return to Cordoba, Spain, tomorrow. I'll miss them, but Maddie and I, especially, have had a joyful reunion, full of the kinds of fun things we have grown up together doing.

Yesterday we visited Leah, whom Maddie simply adores as much as she does her grandmothers, and the magic was there again. Those two are simply wonderful together and Leah is as good with children as anybody I've ever seen.

Leah made Maddie a handful of bookmarks, each personalized with photos from my blog. They were lovely and thoughtful and Maddie will have them for a long time.

My son, his son and I have birthdays within a month of each other and we shared a party last week, which I so thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not the most patient person in the world, so Oz and I will have to wait a bit to really discover each other, but he's a good kid and I look forward to getting to know him as he grows.

For it all, I am thrilled.

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