Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gratitude: The Joy of Cooking

Today I am grateful for:

My interest in cooking, which is evolving even as we speak. Mom taught me to cook, starting when I just little more than a toddler and was given tasks like stringing beans and shucking corn. She picked up the heat (literally) as I reached 8, then 10, then the teen years and always I was ready for more.

There have been a lot of influences over the years that have led to healthier meals, healthier selections of foods and better tasting dishes. I think when I quit smoking, then a year later drinking, the floodgates to tasting and enjoying food were opened wide. I could never smoke, drink and eat together. I had to choose two and was late coming to the the healthy option of choosing one and droppign the others.

So, now I'm buying locally grown veggies (when I'm not growing them myself) and being careful about white foods. It's all part of the evolution, I guess, and I like it.

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