Monday, August 11, 2014

Photos: A Closer Look at Murray Run

This is the mysterious fountain at Murray Run Greenway in Roanoke.
A closer look at the fountain.
Sometimes you don't know what you've shot until you look at the pictures and in this case, I'm pretty pleased and surprised. I've walked Murray Run in Roanoke dozens of times, but these photos are a different view than I've had before.

The fountain, especially, has been difficult to approach in the past because I wasn't going in the right way. I found the key to it and got these much better than I've had before shots of it.

I have no idea of the history of this fountain, but it comes out of the hillside below Virginia Western Commuity, runs to the fountain and travels to Murray Run at the bottom of the hill. I am always sorely tempted to drink it, but the better part of valor ...

Splashing onward. 
This unimposing little mile and a half train through
some of the most populated areas of Roanoke is virtually hidden for much of the way and offers a lovely respite for those of us wishing to jettison civilization--even if imagined--for a bit. Enjoy the photos.
I believe this is St. Anne's lace.
Murray Run offers a bit of a light show.
Color isn't necessary for this shot.

Small rapids, more light.

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