Sunday, August 10, 2014

Photo Essay: Crocheting Jewelry in Lynchburg

Jannett Spearman shows my grandgirl Madeline how to crochet silver thread into jewelry.
These are Jannett's work.
I was quite captivated yesterday on a visit to Lynchburg City Market by Nicaraugan immigrant Janett Spearman, co-owner and the talent behind Spearman Artisanry. Jannett makes jewelry and purses, among many other things, but that's not unusual.

What caught my eye is that she crochets the jewelry. Her purses are made from castoff felt, like the lovely red and black one (pictured here) which was originally a Peruvian hat.

You can get a full look at Jannett's work at or call her at 434-401-1127/1091.

She is married to a Liberty University employee, Dwayne Spearman,  and has two children in school there.

She is a bright, intelligent, talkative woman who thoroughly enjoys what she is doing and could talk for hours about it. Go see her. I think you'll enjoy the time.

Purse made from a Peruvian hat.
Great sense of color.
Jannett at her booth.