Monday, August 4, 2014

In Kentucky, Alison Grimes is the Aggressor (Not McConnell)

Alison Grimes: Using Mitch McConnell's tactics on him.
Looks like Mitch McConnell has met his match if confrontational, aggressive, insulting, blunt, honest, critical, accusatory and downright mean are his match.

Alison Grimes appears to be the Democrat Democrats have been looking for to unseat this old white man who is living in the 19th Century and leading the Republican Party with that philosophy. In this video, you get the full treatment with McConnell on stage behind her, waiting to speak and looking like he swallowed a large frog (appropriate, since he looks like a turtle).

Beating a 30-year entrenched Senator from a very red state would normally be unthinkable, but Kentuckians, I suspect, are a little worn out by this man, one who is the very symbol of government that doesn't work because people like him take it away from the people and give it to the wealthy interests. Grimes, who is from a hyper political family and who is serving as the Kentucky Secretary of State, is no newcomer and she's not naive at all. She knows her shot is long, but that she can maximize it by doing to McConnell what he has not yet turned on her--and he will.

His negatives are over 50 percent, but she is not well known enough even in Kentucky to be counting any chickens yet. But she has a chance. That's enough to encourage many of us. If she wins, look out for an Elizabeth Warren-Alison Grimes ticket on the national level in the future. Man, would that be a killer!

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