Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WooHoo! New GWLtd. on Peters Creek Rd.

The new GWLtd. on Peters Creek. The lot's nearly full. All the time.
No. I did not buy this. Wanted to, though. It talks.
Had no idea Goodwill Industries (GWLtd. to those of us in the know) had plans to expand yet again in the Roanoke Valley, but here it is, the new one on Peters Creek Road.

This one is only about a mile from the large Goodwill at the intersection of Peters Creek and Williamson Road, which apparently has closed.

There are racks and bins for Halloween.
The local daily last week went ape about the opening of yet another non-descript discount store near Crossroads Mall, but I saw not a word about this new GWLtd. My guess is the Goodwill store has far more customers and my observation is that it is less tacky, less seedy and has fewer screaming children in it (I visited the discount store over the weekend and didn't like it at all).

I think this makes eight GWLtd.s in the Roanoke Valley. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a lot of stores and I rarely see one that doesn't have more business than any Penneys or Belks I might visit.
It's a big store with a lot of stuff in it.
Lady and gentleman look over the housewares.

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