Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photos: First Hike of the Fall-The Cascades

The Cascades Falls from above.
The standard postcard shot of the falls.
Today was First Hike of the Fall day and my pals Debbie Stevens, Jerry Cohen and Betty Remington took a run down to Giles County to walk the two miles up to the Cascades Falls. This is one of the prettiest hikes in the region, reminding me a lot of my home area around Asheville.

It is simply gorgeous on the way up with the creek running hard and wide all the way. The entire journey is dotted with small waterfalls, large boulders, brudges and heavy woodlands.

Warning: If you're looking for privacy, go somewhere else. Today we must have been up there with--this is not an exaggeration--500 people. We had one whole Virginia Tech co-ed fraternity (they swear that's no longer an oxymoron) pass us on the way and there were many dozens of families. It was busy.

But it's worth the effort, the crowds and the steep hike.
The falls, side view.
Kids seem to fall naturally into group poses.
It was too cold to swim, but kids didn't notice.
Helping out a frat mate.
Some of the crowd at the falls.
Kids find a little peace.
My pals Jerry, Debbie and Betty high up at the falls.
Debbie, Jerry and Betty have a lunch break.
Pampa is reflective.
Our group does the "falls pose," which is standard and all but required.
Students stand at the bottom of the falls. They jumped in.
The rock in front of the falls got crowded.
Debbie reaches to photo a mushroom.
Debbie, Betty and moi.
Betty on the log bridge.
This is the beautiful approach to the falls.
Debbie relaxes on a bridge.
Betty slips under a log.
The trip is just this pretty.

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