Saturday, September 20, 2014

High Bridge Trail Is Nothing Special, but Farmville's Cool

Here's Leah and meah on the High Bridge near Farmville.
Lots of bikes out today.
Took a ride over to Farmville (with a quick Lynchburg stop to pick up Leah) to ride what I thought would be alovely High Bridge Trail, just outside town. Not so spectacular. Mostly, pretty boring.

It is a flat, short-ish trail with a high, long bridge as the goal. There is no scenery to speak of on the way to the bridge; just a well-kept, flat old railroad bed of a trail. One of the more boring rides around, I'd say. Even the bridge, one of the nation's highest-longest (though not one of the highest or longest, one without the other; it's 2,400 feet long, 125-feet high), is simply a flat, wooden bridge over a gorge centered in a flat countryside.

The real treat of the trip is the number of furniture warehouses in downtown Farmville (where I'd never visited, just driven through) and a great hamburger at Charley's Waterfront Cafe. This burger--the Waterfront--comes with three cheeses and carmelized onions--was so big at eight ounces, Leah and I split it, then split her cobb salad. We both had a great and plentiful meal.

The furniture warehouses will wear you out (maybe they're "wearhouses") because many of them cover three or four floors and each floor is huge. The selection is big, if not especially great in the bargain category, from what I saw.

Nice road trip, I thought.
The Waterfront is across the street from a furniture warehouse.
The bridge is the goal, but it's mundane.
The Appomattox is a dinky river at this point.
Leah watches me taking pictures below the bridge surface.
Leah and me at the landmarks plaque.

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