Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cantos on City Market Finally Sold

My friend Rob Clark, who used to operate Cantos Booksellers in this building on Campbell Ave. in Roanoke (the one with the green awning), has finally sold the building after it sat empty for years.

"This has been bittersweet. This building was my remaining connection to downtown," he says. The new owner will put offices on the first floor and living space upstairs, says Rob.

When Rob and his wife, Jenny, ownedand operated Cantos, it was one of the best bookstores around, but it didn't provide enough of a living for a growing family (two kids). Rob was followed in the store by an awful woman who angered patrons at an alarming. She pissed me off thoroughly when I had a book signing there and a book signing is one of the real pleasures of being an author, under normal circumstances. There was even a web page established so people could officially complain about their treatment. It had a lot of contributors.

Rob studied to be a realtor and put the store on the market and there it has sat, smack in the middle of City Market, empty. I never could figure that because the location is prime and Rob is not a guy who would overcharge for anything.

Anyhow, the building will now be occupied and it sits next to my favorite dry cleaner. KC at the cleaner just took up (from the bottom) a wonderful cashmere sports jacket for me--one I got at Goodwill for $8; the repair was $25. KC's cool and will be a good neighbor.

(Rob Clark photo.)

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