Monday, September 22, 2014

Photos: A Brief Trip to the Forest

Tree hosts the 'shrooms.
Probably because it's the first day of fall, but I got a strong urge to get out into the woods today and
wound up at Chestnut Ridge Loop Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It's not a spectacular hike, but the forest is thick and lush along this trail, which traverses the side of a mountain and is relatively flat. It's also about 15 minutes from downtown Roanoke, which also makes it attractive. Here's a brief look at it.

The air was crips and breezy, clean and bright and the sun streamed into the forest. Beautiful mid-day, it was.

Flat, easy trail, though slightly uphill.
Heavy mast means a cold winter.
The obligatory selfie.
Virginia creeper is turning red.

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