Friday, September 5, 2014

Gratitude: A Record-Setting Day

Today, I am grateful for:

A record-setting blog day yesterday. The post on the Calendar Girls of Grandin Village set a single day record (and the 24-hour day still has 3.5 hours left it) for visits. That's No. 1 against more than 3,200 other posts since 2008.

This post is still a distant No. 1 overall, nearly double No. 2 and 10 times the draw--so far--of No. 3. It features a photo of an extremely skinny, naked woman and I think that's at least part of the appeal, though the liberal vs. conservative angle has its own devotees.

The Calendar Girls have soared to No. 3 in the history of the blog overall, behind the aforementioned liberal vs. conservative and this one about stupid guys liking big boobs (again, female body parts).

Fortunately, the Grandin Calendar post is a positive image for older women and I like that a lot. Maybe we're all growing up.

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