Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gratitude: Bold, Brassy, Naked Women

Today, I am grateful for:

Brassy women, like those in Grandin Village who are posing for the "nude" calendar, a fund-raiser for their business organization. (See the blog post here.)

My friend Charisse, a brand new young mother, was wondering what this all means. Well, it means a level of independence that is rare. These women, I think, are having some fun with our own sexual and body image inhibitions and they are being bold and courageous.

They are making a statement that older women (most of the 16 are in the 45-65 range) have lovely bodies that don't necessarily look like they did when they were 25. It is a different perspective and it is one to celebrate.

I celebrate them. They are my heroes today.

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