Friday, September 19, 2014

Giving Back Those Pesky Roanoke Times Papers

This is a photo of several weeks' worth of those worthless "shopper" publications The Roanoke Times throws--uninvited--into my yard on a weekly basis. I have called and e-mailed complaints about the litter five times and have received absolutely no positive response. This morning, I took several of them back to their place of origin.

The arrogance of the deliveries is simply mind-boggling. I am told by one who works in the building and deals with this situation that my return of the papers is hardly an earth-shattering first. "People have brought entire garbage bags full of them and dumped them outside," said the Times employee. "We get this often."

It would seem to me that somewhere along the way somebody would get the message--especially the advertisers who are not getting a good reputation by supporting this outrageous behavior. I am also told, by the way, though I have not checked it out myself, that leaving these packages on our lawns without permission is legal. I am wondering if I start taking my garbage and leaving it at the entryway of the newspaper what the result would be legally.

In any case, I invite you to take your papers downtown, drop them off in the entryway of the paper and if anybody says anything, tell them to shove the paper where the sun don't shine.

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