Monday, September 15, 2014

Liminal Readings Return with Vigor

Roland Lazenby reads from his work.
Mike Allen reads a tweeted short story.
The monthly Liminal readings--wherein local writers get to read from their works--kicked off their season tonight with some interesting, and funny, stuff.

Roland Lazenby, who has a hot non-fiction book right now, read from one of his books that is more than 20 years old. The story was of a Mineapolis Lakers (pre L.A.) plane crash in the snow in Iowa. Cool story.

Mike Allen read six tweeted "short stories." That pubs the "short" in the concept. Marvelous pieces, they were.

Allen joined writer Dwayne Yancey for a re-imagining of "Oklahoma!", replacing the "!" with a "?". Pretty cool stuff.

There was a good bit of poetry and an essay or two (two of them by moi) in a short-ish evening. It was good to be back.
Alise Stewart reads poem.
Editr reads.
Terry Flaherty from Lexington reads one of two poems.
Allen and Yancey ham it up with "Oklahoma?"

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