Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gratitude: The Smells from the Kitchen

This is not my cauliflower, but it will look similarly when done.
Today, I am grateful for:

The smells from the kitchen. I grew up with a memorable smelling kitchen, even when we didn't have any food (which was fairly often). Mom knew how to cook for smell (bacon grease will make anything smell like a meal; the aroma of fresh, hot biscuits brings tears), but I don't follow her recipes, preferring food that won't kill me next week.

Right now, I've just taken out a tray of roast herbal tomatoes and put in cauliflower and cabbage (covered in high-end olive oil, garlic, parm, curry, onion bits and spices) to roast. Never roasted either before, but saw a photo of roast cauliflower the other day and set my goal. Looks simply wondrous. And the kitchen smells like my version of heaven.


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