Friday, September 19, 2014

Grandin Theatre To Host Beer Party (Kinda)

The Grandin Theatre has scheduled the showing “From Grain to Growler,” a documentary on the Virginia craft beer movement, Saturday, Oct. 18 at 4 p.m., part of a celebration in Grandin Village. It will be new general manager Ian Fortier’s first special event.

Says Grandin Theatre Foundation board member Richard Rife, “I think this event is indicative of the ways the Grandin will try to reach out and involve the community and invite patrons to regard the Grandin as more than just a place to see a movie.”

The documentary looks at the expansion of craft beer manufacturing since 2012, when the state passed a new law governing it. The event will feature the film, a one-hour tasting of local beers and a panel discussion featuring the filmmakers and some local craft beer makers.

Fortier says, “The explosion of craft beer brewing companies in the past few years has launched the Commonwealth into the positive national spotlight. This movement has a basis in agriculture, job creation, job retention, economic development, recreation, and secondary industries. We felt this film was an opportunity not only to celebrate the growth of this industry but also showcase some of our local brewers products, and stories.”
Tickets to this event can be purchased online at or may also be purchased at the box office. 

Rife says, “We look for it to showcase local craft brewers as well as educate beer lovers about craft brewing across the state. It should also bring new customers to our Grandin Village restaurants at its conclusion.” 

(I shot the accompanying photo at the Salem Red Sox ballpark a couple of years ago. Although I'm a recovering drunk and can't drink beer, I like the shot a lot.)


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