Friday, September 26, 2014

Stinson Helps With Gilligan's Island 50th Anniversary Book

Steve Stinson
Steve Stinson, the former art director and illustrator for The Roanoke Times, has teamed with former "Gilligan's Island" star Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) to produce the book Mary Ann's Good Girls Guide to Life (Rowman & Littlefield, Taylor Trade). The book is scheduled out this month and is part advice, part biography.

A description says she "offers her insights into a world that is so much changed since the seven castaways landed on the island 50 years ago." Here's a pretty good PR piece about her and the book (which you can buy here).

Stinson is listed as the co-author. He has owned Stinson Art Studio in Roanoke for the past 15 years. It specializes in cartoons, illustrations, web design and an array of other services.

Miss Wells is celebrating 50 years since the debut of "Gilligan's Island" with the book. She has made a lucrative career out of that show's run, re-run and re-re-run.

My pal Eric Brady alerted me to this excursion into the literary by Stinson.

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