Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Disconnecting the TV Feed: A Statement?

This ad is from 2011, but it certainly still applies.
I've just killed my TV. After a fashion.

I discontinued DirecTV because its cost was increased from $61 to $82 a month, just like that. I watch a little college football and an occasional old movie on TV (no commercials outside the football, please) and that's not worth $82 a month to me. I can almost go to the football games for that.

The cable and satellite companies never let you go easily, so I was offered a confusing combination of discounts that actually resulted in a $2 per month increase, after initially sounding like a $30 discount. I have rarely seen such contortions with money, only to come out behind, yet again. 

I'm being fined $40 for shutting off the service two months earlier than the contract stipulated and have to ship the receiver back (they're paying the freight).

We're going to see how this household (me) does without a regular TV connection. No antennas, no cable, no satellite. Just me, the internet and some books, a few hobbies, some friends, streaming movies and old TV series (old, as in last year), plays, lectures, late afternoon walks and paddles and, well, you get the idea. TV so often is a mindless and thoughtless pursuit. Maybe I'll get smarter.

Wish me luck. This may be like breaking the hold of alcohol and cigarettes, both of which I dropped more than 20 years ago and both of which, like TV, were addicting. 

(Graphic: adbusters.org)

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