Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gratitude: Fried Green Tomatoes

Today I am grateful for:

Fried green tomatoes. This traditional Southern delicacy, born of abundance, is a marvelous alternative when the tomatoes start coming in fresh from the garden, as they have been at my Edinburgh Drive palace since June. This has been an extraordinarily bountiful year for my nine heirloom plants, which seem to have been fed steroids by somebody (not me, I promise. I don't use anything on them but occasional encouragement).

These tomatoes, which I cooked for dinner last night, were almost an afterthought. I accidentally picked a couple of greenies while harvesting my latest round of roast tomatoes for freezing yesterday morning. When my pal Sonya came over for dinner in the evening, she saw the green tomatoes on the kitchen window sill and said, "Oh, good, fried green tomatoes," and I thought, "Well, yeh, why not?"

They were tender, tart and quite lovely.

Recipe's simple:

Cup of yellow corn meal
Two eggs
1/4 cup of oil
Two green tomatoes
Salt and pepper

Combine the corn meal and eggs, salt and pepper. Cover the tomatoes in the mixture. Place in the hot oil until brown on each side. Serve. Easy. Takes little time. And it's good.

(Photo: Sonya Chappelear)

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