Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Women Delegates' Bills About Men's Health 'Mocking' (Yep!)

This has nothing to do with this story, but ... it's cute.
Virginia Sen. Janet Howell's bill that would have required men to have a rectal exam before qualifying for an erectile dysfunction prescription has set off a spate of copycat bills in state legislatures across the nation. Her bill, like the others, was a way of pointing out just how discriminatory--and wrong--the bills regulating women's health have been. Now, we finally have a major anti-abortion group--the National Research Council--admitting these bills aren't about women's health; they are about abortion.

Here are some of the bills that have been introduced (none of which has a chance to pass in male-dominated legislatures):
  • Ohio Democratic Delegate Nina Turner's bill would require psychological counseling for men who want their little blue pills. (Ohio has a Republican bill that bans abortions if a heartbeat is detected in the fetus.
  • Another Ohio republican bill would ban physicians' assistants from inserting IUDs, thus hindering birth control (and the Republicans say it is "ridiculous" to say they want to ban birth control).
  • In Oklahoma, Senator Constance Johnson (a Democrat, of course) has proposed a bill that would declare "spilled semen" (that would be jack-off juice) to be a crime against unborn "children" (as if a child can be "unborn"; it's a fetus boys and girls).
  • Representative Kelly Cassidy (Dem.) of Illinois has introduced an amendment to the state's mandatory ultrasound bill requiring men to watch a video about Viagra's side effects before they get to to take it.
  • Wilmington, Del., City Councilwoman Loretta Walsh has written a resolution that declares "each 'egg person' and each 'sperm person' ... equal in the eyes of the government."
The Family Research Council's Jeanne Monohan says of the bills, "It sounds like they're mocking pro-life bills [Note: they are]. I will say, having met quite a few women who profoundly regret their abortions, this is not a laughing matter." Finally, an admission from a recognized anti-woman's health group that the bills regulating women's health are about abortion.

 All of this information is available in a longer story here.

(Graphic: funnyordie.com)

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