Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012: Faces in the Crowd

My favorite: She was with the Corvettes.
A pretty Viking.
Madame Butterfly
Happy clown.
Young Viking
Scotsman and his rose
Another Viking lovely
Not sure what the costume is
War paint
Viking maiden: Charisse the Gorgeous
Kids on the Viking ship
My buddy Jeff Rigdon
A little help from Mom
Little drummer girl
Oops. How'd that get in here?
EASY Maaaaaaama!
Ladies of the South
Hoot, man. Toot, man.
Pearlie Mae Fu and her Star City glasses
Rollergirl Katie Jones: Nice hat, ma'am
The princess
Little kid, big hat
Drum batons
Sam Rasoul's little beauty
Highty Tighty Ho-Ho-Ho
Hair today
Bruce and Steph on the judges' stand
Go Rams!
Mama cut it
She cut mine, too. Busy lady
(Note: To view photos full-sized, click on them once.)

 Roanoke has more good parades than any city I've ever lived in and the St. Patrick's Day Parade (which my granddaughter says is hers because it's her birthday) is the best of them. The parade went on for more than an hour with 250 vehicles and 2,500 people today, as the streets were lined in downtown Roanoke with many, many thousands of people who seemed to have a pretty good time.

You can see the happiness on the faces of both the participants and the spectators here.

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