Monday, March 5, 2012

WFIR President: Limblab Was 'Offensive ... Out of Bounds'

Rush Limblab's radio program is bread and butter to the stations that carry the top-rated radio show in America, but his recent behavior continues to be criticized. Even by those who make money off this monster, albeit in a toned-down manner.

Here is a statement from Roanoke's WFIR President Leonard Wheeler:

"We can well appreciate the fairness of discussion and/or debate about insurance companies, colleges or government supporting contraception for Women. For Rush Limbaugh to speak to that subject, or comment on Sandra Fluke’s testimony to members of Congress is of no surprise. However, to make the comments he did to illustrate his point, which were derogatory to Sandra Fluke and in our opinion to women in general, we feel were offensive and totally out of bounds."


  1. So...will they stand by their words and drop his show?

  2. Newt: I hope you're not holding your breath. This is about money, not principles. And money trumps principles in the world of right wingers and talk radio.

  3. When people stop listening to Rush, radio stations will discontinue him. It's that simple.