Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Activism from the Republican Supreme Court

For many years--probably beginning with the FDR-appointed courts--conservatives have screamed "bloody murder!" about "activist" Supreme Courts. Now we have the Roberts Court, appointed by the Bushes and Reagan and what are we getting from it, but the same kind of judicial activism--on steroids.

From "a corporation is a person" to a litany of decisions broadening access to guns, expanding rights of businesses over individuals and narrowing a woman's rights to make decisions about her own body this court is as legislative in its approach as any in our history. Now before it is the Obama Administration's health care law and the questions being asked by the conservative judges generally have nothing to do with judicial prudence, but with legislative activism.

Here's what the NYTimes has to say about it.

This court has been out of control since its first decision and if Obama is not re-elected, it will get one or two more of these hard-case Republican operatives as members and we'll be more screwed than we already are.

(Photo: Washington Post)

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