Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo of the Day: A New Bike for Maddy

Facebook came through again. Yesterday, I dropped a note on FB asking if anybody had a 20 inch girls bicycle, so I could give it to Madeline (my grandgirl, who turned 7 Saturday). It would be her Mads/Pampa bike, so we could go riding together when she's at my house.

I had spent part of Thursday scouting out bikes and was astonished at the price (one bike shop didn't have anything for under $225). Figured I'd try to find something good--and cheap. (OK, before you think I'm a cheapskate, I'd already picked up Mads' birthday present: a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit and two tickets to see the play at Roanoke Children's Theatre--with me.)

Finding both good and cheap looked like an improbability until I got a note from Kathie Northern, a grandma, who looks like a new bride. She said she had a bike sitting in her garage that her daughter never really cottoned to, so it was barely used and I could have it for ... well, a song.

Here's the bike and a beaming Madeline. Beautiful Schwinn. The girl and me are ready to hit the Greenway. Thank you Kathie.


  1. You have touched my heart, new friend, as has Maddy. Enjoy your time together!

  2. Kathie:

    Maddy and I have a date Tuesday night at Wasena Park to break in the bike. Maddy's buddy Gracie will be tagging along, riding Mads' old bike. Should be a hoot.