Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recycling in Northwest Roanoke: Sadly, an Opportunity Ignored

Almost everything at this trash site is recyclable.
Grass clippings should be mulched.
How much is recyclable? Most.
Every Tuesday when I take my morning walk through the neighborhood, I am confronted with a devout refusal to recycle, even though the City of Roanoke provides the means. It is disheartening to see this casual tossing of recyclables, re-usables and even mulch and compost that could enrich landscapes.

I don't know if it is laziness, ignorance, thoughtlessness or what, but I despise waste and that's what this is. My own garbage is put to the curb--at most--once every three weeks. And even then it's not full. I estimate that about 75 percent of what goes into most people's cans in this 'hood (Northwest Roanoke, where I've been for about 18 months) shouldn't be there.

That trash should be in the plastic-glass bin or the paper bin provided by the city or it should be mulched or composted for the yard, taken to Goodwill or another recycling charity. There's a place other than the expensive landfill for almost everything we use and it isn't that difficult to see that it goes there.

I would love to see the city embark on a program of education and even coercion or reward for recycling. The more we recycle, the cleaner the planet and the lower our taxes (who the hell do you think pays for that landfill?).

I know: preach, preach, preach. But dammit! it's important.

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