Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Republican Abortion Outrages Continue

This graphic is from the NYTimes and a story on disappearing abortion rights.
This fresh off Huffington Post, tells you just how bat-shit crazy and obsessed these wacked-out Republican lawmakers are with the abortion issue:

A "sweeping anti-abortion bill working its way through the Kansas Legislature would levy a sales tax on women seeking abortions, including rape victims. Buried in the 69-page bill being considered by the House Federal and State Affairs Committee are several provisions, in fact, that opponents say would increase taxes on those who seek abortions. The tax sections do not include any exemptions for women who want an abortion after a sexual assault, to end a dangerous ectopic pregnancy or to remove the remains of a fetus following a miscarriage -- the latter of which is defined as an abortion under Kansas law, according to Sarah Gillooly from Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri."

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Lance Kinzer, a Republican (as if you had to guess).

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