Monday, March 12, 2012

Homophobe, Ex-TV Star Cameron Kirk to Speak at First Baptist in Roanoke

Cameron Kirk as TV star: Gays 'Unnatural'
One of the largest churches in the region--First Baptist Church in Roanoke--is not only bringing in an outspoken homophobe, Kirk Cameron, to speak to its members, but it is charging $22.50-$35 a seat to hear him talk about "love." Most recently, his message has been that gay people are not like the rest of us.

Here's the church's announcement about the D-list celebrity.

Meanwhile, here is moviemaker and sitcom star ("Growing Pains," which I managed to miss) Cameron telling TV host Piers Morgan that homosexuality is "unnatural" and "ultimately destructive." It is, he says, "detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

He does not specify compared to what. Not sure if he's talking about general assembly members in Virginia, whom I would certainly would classify as "ultimately destructive," or the Republican majority in Congress whose hatred of everybody who isn't an old, rich white male is well documented. They'd certainly be "ultimately destructive." Rush Limbaugh? "Unnatural" and "ultimately destructive," certainly. Members of various churches' hierarchy who molest children would be both, I'd think. Oh, there are so many.

What we really need at this point is one more person preaching one more message of hate in a mega-church auditorium filled with people just dying to point a finger and say, "It's your fault that I'm so unhappy." The ironic title of Cameron's message: "Love Worth Fighting For."

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  1. I refer to that place as Fort God, or Six Flags Over Jesus.