Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Real Blame in Florida Teen Shooting

As much as I understand the greif for the young man who was killed by a loose-cannon vigilante in Florida recently, I think the protesting is aimed at the wrong target. The shooter is easy. We can frame him up as a gun-totin' racist redneck looking for a black kid to kill and finding one.

What we're not sufficiently enraged about, however, is the Republican law that allowed--even encouraged--this to happen. It's the testosterone-soaked Stand Your Ground law formulated by men whose manhood is such a question to them that they have to continually expand gun laws. We have reached the point now in Florida and other states with similar laws and easy availability of guns that the only people with a defense is the criminal who's shooting.

How did we get here? We let the NRA buy legislators who gave that ignoble organization (headed by Roanoker Wayne LaPierre to our city's everlasting shame) everything it wanted without question. At least the Repubs and the conservative chicken-shit Democrats did.

These legislators are as responsible for the teenager's death as the shooter is. They killed him; they've killed a lot of others and they will kill more. And we'll stand and watch, some of us applauding.



  1. you are one sick person-I know nothing about you or your cause celebre, I ran across your posting by accident. But, it is not responsible reporting or journalism to brand all members of an organization,such as the NRA, with a single iron. I am not a member but I tend to think that your statements are actionable if continued and I will be following closely.

  2. My thought is that anybody who doesn't sign his name to his words is a coward. Actionable? So take the action. Maybe that way you'd have to show your face. I'm not sure what it is that you're saying is not true here. That the NRA doesn't buy legislators? That's easily provable and has been proved over and over. It probably isn't sick to take a stand against guns. It probably is sick to be scared to death to sign your name to a letter to me. Cowardice is a sickness. You have my deepest sympathy. You also have my name. My address and phone number are easy to get.