Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quote of the Day: Frank Rich Looks at the War on Women

"It’s not news that the GOP is the anti-abortion party, that it panders to the religious right, and that it’s particularly dependent on white men with less education and less income—a displaced demographic that has been as threatened by the rise of the empowered modern woman as it has been by the cosmopolitan multiracial male elites symbolized by Barack Obama. That aggrieved class is, indeed, Santorum’s constituency. But, as Stephanopoulos was trying to get at when he challenged Romney, this new rush of anti-woman activity on the right isn’t coming exclusively from the Santorum crowd. It’s a phenomenon extending across the GOP. On March 1, every Republican in the Senate except the about-to-flee Olympia Snowe—that would be 45 in total—voted for the so-called Blunt Amendment, which would allow any employer with any undefined 'moral' objection to veto any provision in health-care coverage, from birth control to mammograms to diabetes screening for women (or, for that matter, men) judged immorally overweight."

--Frank Rich in a NYTimes piece today that is, by far, the best narrative--albeit it long--I've seen about the Republicult's War on Women. This is chapter and verse and a lot of background and detail you'll need. If you're not convinced these people want to totally disenfranchise women, read on.

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