Friday, March 9, 2012

GOP on Education: We Ain't Payin' for It!

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Yet another reason to vote against the wrongheadedness of the Republican Party, where education of the American middle and lower classes is seen as a ballot box threat (as it should be):

"Mr. Romney’s response to a high school senior worried about college costs is arguably even more significant [than Rick Santorum's bias against a college education], because what he said points the way to actual policy choices that will further undermine American education.

"Here’s what the candidate told the student: 'Don’t just go to one that has the highest price. Go to one that has a little lower price where you can get a good education. And, hopefully, you’ll find that. And don’t expect the government to forgive the debt that you take on.'"

--Paul Krugman in this a.m.'s NYTimes

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