Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pa.'s Ayatolla Corbett Spits in Women's Eyes With Bill

Ayatollah Tom Corbett
If you think that the Republican abuses of women are just a passing fancy or simply existing in paranoid imaginations, you'll need to read this in the Huffington post, wherein Pennsylvania's governor is so thoroughly callous about a pending ultra-sound/anti-abortion bill that he suggests that women just get over it.

Pennsylvania's Republican Governor/Ayatollah Tom Corbett yesterday simply tossed off concerns that the bill goes way too far (much as Virginia's did) and advised women that  "You just have to close your eyes."

Pennsylvania is calling it the "Women's Right to Know Act," but what it is, in fact, is anti-abortion zealots pushing their dogma on people who don't believe as they do and who want to have control of their own bodies.

This act--which is strongly opposed by the medical community and Democrats in state government--requires doctors to perform an ultrasoun, provide documentation, play an image of the fetus' heartbeat, and have the physician describe the heartbeat. She then has to wait 24 hours, take the documentation to the physician performing the abortion and get another lecture from him. None of this is standard--or even advised--medical procedure. It is bullshit abortion politics. 

the bill doesn't specify the kind of ultrasound to be used and the physician must use an "interior" procedure (the kind Virginia dismissed for political reasons--women were furious) for most first-trimester abortions in order to meet the requirements of the law..

This is harassment for political gain and nothing else.  These people don't know when to quit. But that's the way religious zealots are. Ask the Ayatollah.

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