Monday, March 26, 2012

My Pal Janis' Statement for Women

This is my newest T-shirt, sent down from Charlottesville by my good buddy Janis Jaquith.

Janis, who is one of the most entertaining writers I know (columnist for C'ville and NPR) designed this based on a photo of her grandmother, who looks remarkably like Janis--two very, very pretty women.

Janis wanted to honor a woman who stood up for her gender at a time when it was being assaulted by our leaders, thinking it would be appropriate at a time of a Republican War on Women, the one we're experiencing now.

I like the shirt (and the bumper sticker) and will wear both proudly.

Janis is raising money for President Obama's campaign, for Tim Kaine's campaign for Virginia governor and "for anyone who runs agains Rep. Robert Hurt in the 5th District." (Hurt is the empty suit who defeated Tom Perriello, one of the most promising legislators in the country in years. You can buy these T-shirts, bumper stickers and other stuff here.

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