Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quote of the Day: Republican Radicals Lock It Down

From an editorial in the NYTimes this morning, outlining the House Budget Committee's new initiative of backing out of a budget deal and crashing several vital social programs (in effect lying to the American people:

"Members of the Republican Study Committee, the most right-wing members of the House, want to bring the 2013 level down to $931 billion, an unimaginable 11 percent cut in a single year. House officials say Mr. Ryan’s committee is unlikely to cut that much but could bring 2013 spending down to $1.028 trillion.

"That $19 billion cut, on top of the ones already agreed to, could have terrible consequences. Assuming it was applied evenly to all non-defense programs, it would mean that 50,000 children would lose access to Head Start; 20,000 families would lose child-care slots; and 10,500 teachers and their aides would lose their jobs." 

Note: Two members of the Republican Study Committee, the group that has radicalized the House to the point of complete ineffectiveness, are Robert Hurt (Virginia 5th District, and the empty suit who beat Tom Perriello) and Bob Goodlatte (Virginia 6th), whose extreme brand of conservatism has always been there, but has rarely seen the glare of national publicity that, say Eric Cantor of Richmond gets. You'll notice that Morgan Griffith (Virginia 9th) is not on the committee. My guess is he'd give his firstborn male child to be a member. This is how far to the right our representation has drifted in this region: all of our representatives agree with this crap.

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