Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day, Too: More from the St. Paddy's Day Parade

Superhero? I'd say
The obligatory St. Paddy's Day bagpipe brigade (there were about four groups)

Roanoke Rollergirls (from behind)
Just don't let 'em go! They pollute
Big boy, big bike
There was lots of politics going on, some red, some blue, some white
Viking ship hood ornament
Japanese tourists do what Japanese tourists do when they tour
Another look. Believe it
The Norman Fishingtackle Choir (they nearly hit a note)

One of three or four Civil War Groups (one of them Yankees; nobody shot)
The Kazin boys and their caboose
Taller than the rest Cirque de Soleil
The day moved toward hot at one point
Occupy Roanoke, the parade did indeed
One final look; I'm obsessed
Roanoke Rollergirls in the middle of the track (I'm a fan of these smart, athletic and very nice women)
Sometimes you gotta wonder: Who's shootin' who?
Political statements from Occupy Roanoke
I liked this sentiment
If you couldn't hold it, you were in trouble
A garage perch for these spectators
The homely Buchanan Tartan is mine, too
Grayhounds wandered all over the place
Old Southwest won the Best Community Float
(Note: To view photos full-sized, click on them once.)

Here are a few more photos from today's St. Patrick's Day Parade. This is three posts and I've only gone through the shots on one of the two cameras I had. More later ... if you can stand it. Pretty good stuff, though. I just love shooting happy people and there were a lot of them at the parade.

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