Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maddy's Birthday: Storming Downtown Roanoke in a Viking Ship

This is Maddie (blonde) and the troops hitting the Roanoke beaches
Viking and dog
Maddie's pal Jeff
Here come the ground troops
My hat won't stay on!
Land ho! Get ready to throw candy at the natives, gang!
Lovelies everywhere in Viking land
More pretty
Jeff scares the crap out of a little kid
Maddie offers money for prisoners
Highland dude and slave
Red-haired gal with the Vikings
Jeff explains how it all works to Charisse and Maddy
Maddy Smith, Viking warrior
Love this shot of Maddy and her buds
(Note: To view photos full-sized, click on them once.)

 Today is my grandgirl Maddy's birthday and, of course, there's this little parade that happens each year on this date in downtown Roanoke. Maddy has always thought it was because of her birthday. We have not disabused her of the notion.

This year, Jeff Rigdon invited Mads to join him and a pretty large group of Vikings--with their boat--to celebrate her birthday in real style and Maddy did just that.

Jeff is a hero to her and to me. The way he organizes people for a good time is impressive. Good guy, that one.

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  1. You Rock Dan! Glenna Johannessen - Hammer Horn Tribe.