Friday, April 25, 2014

This Just In: Compact Cinema Is Baaaaaaaack

Ben Bristoll at Compact Cinema
Those of you closely following the continuing evolution of Compact Cienma, the little theater that could, then couldn't, then could again will be pleased to know that the latter iteration is current: it can.

Ben Bristoll, the entrepreneur who is driving this buggy and who saw his baby sink a month ago--just a month into its life--says there have been changes in the plan, but the basic concept is still there: a tiny movie theater whose goal is to educate and shake things up a bit.

Let me mention that the website is still operative, but as of this morning, it had not been updated with the news of the re-awakening.

Here's Ben:

"Compact Cinema has been spared the axe, but it will continue in a different form. It will no longer be a full-time movie theater (with daily screenings). Instead, I (and perhaps others) will show films there occasionally, as special events.

"For example, we recently had a very successful one-night screening of local singer-songwriter Joy Truskowski's documentary 'Seeking the Good Life in America,' about her visits to three intentional communities here in Virginia. We had a packed house and had to add a second screening that night, and had amazing hour-long group discussions after each screening.

"Compact Cinema will probably get used more often as a meeting space for community activist groups and as a special events space for the 16 West Marketplace, and it will host the TED Talks every Wednesday at noon from now on. [These] are always thought-provoking and followed by vibrant audience discussion.

"We will see how it goes in this form, and if it builds an audience gradually over time. If the audience grows, then we'll add more screenings and events."

So, if you lean left politically, have concerns about the food you eat or the medications you ingest or just want to mingle with some pretty dang interesting people, head on over. If you're a right-winger who wants to get baptized in the real blood of the lamb, you might show up with an open mind.

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