Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sam Rasoul Continues To Impress with Gestures

Sam and his buddy, Mark.
Every time Sam Rasoul opens his mouth, I am reminded of why I voted for his as our General Assembly delegate and why I wish we had more like him. Sam's type of politician has become so rare as to be virtually non-existent in a world where people are bought and sold like Cheerios by people like the Koch brothers.

Sam's latest action is to give some of his pay back to the community. Here's his press release:

Delegate Sam Rasoul has chosen the Roanoke Technical Education Center (ROTEC) as the first recipient of a charitable donation in fulfillment of his campaign pledge to donate half of his General Assembly salary to local organizations. 

Delegate Rasoul's donation will go toward a scholarship program for students.  He looks forward to continuing to fulfill his campaign promise by donating to other Roanoke charities, which he hopes will encourage philanthropy among other residents of the district. 

 I don't think it's necessary for a representative to give money back to the community from his salary, but it is a sincere gesture from a good guy. I also don't believe we should underpay our representatives--as we do on every level--because that lack of substantial income leads to the kind of corruption that is now the norm. I would suggest that we pay politicians well and remove ALL of the outside money from tempting them. The bribes they insist aren't bribes should be noted as such and should come with felony charges and years in prison for both the pol and the Koch brother who has paid it off.

Thanks Sam for continuing to set an example for the old boys in the network who don't get it and never did.

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