Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bikin' and Plantin' and Livin' the Spring

Teresa and moi, up close and personal.
My friend Teresa Sakasegawa and I turned out for the first real bike excursion of the season this morning, riding the Greenway from Vic Thomas Park to the water treatment plant, about 12 miles total. Nice way to get the kinks out on the way to planting in the afternoon.

We went down to City Market--where renovations seem to be finished and the new open area is, well, open--to pick up some plants, but most had been sold by the time we got there. Still, Farmer Smith planted three flame azaleas and various fruit bushes, herbs and other stuff on the way to a late-afternoon shower and nap.

Nice early spring day all around. And, as usual, the company was good. Think I'll do a little binge-TV and pick up a crime novel this evening. Another bike ride looms in the morning--this one in Lynchburg--and I'm pumped.

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