Friday, April 11, 2014

A Re-Visitation: CLOG! Comes Calling

Regenia's on the left, Martha Pitts on the right and Linda Perry, whom I adored, is center right.
Regenia the majorette.
It is eyebrow-raising at times how Facebook can jump right at you with something from the past that you had forgotten or, at the very least, misplaced.

I got a message from Regenia Street (now Clark) a couple of days ago. Regenia was with me at Grandfather Home for Children when I was a senior atCranberry, N.C. High School in 1963-'64. I was a year ahead of her in school.

She was a cheerleader, majorette, square dancer and god knows what else. She was also one of the prettiest girls in Avery County and my good friend Martha Pitts' best bud. We were all at Grandfather Home, they having been pretty much left to it bytheir families, me choosing to stay there for a year after my family basically fell apart.

Regenia up close.
They play nice parts in my novel CLOG!, though they are not identified as who they really were. Sisters Joyce and Janice Watson helped me write some of CLOG! and Joyce, whom I had a huge crush on in high school, remains a good friend. Regenia and Martha were girls who helped take care of me (often making me these huge, lovely breakfasts), a guy completely out of his element in a new school where they were both very popular, despite being "orphans," as those of us at the Home were called.

Regenia today.
I haven't heard from Martha, but Regenia has lived a full and productive life and lives in Georgia now. Regenia wrote this: "So much fun . . . to reconnect via FB . . . will do my best to come to the class reunion this year. Will bring attention to your books on my FB page and in the SunCity Peachtree community. Just ordered Burning The Furniture (and CLOG!). Know I will enjoy these books while spending time at Emerald Isle, N.C., in a couple of weeks. I moved to a retirement community in Griffin, GA a couple of years ago ... I am still somewhat active in paying it forward. I am smiling that our friendship is renewed after lots of years. Regenia"

Miss Light Bulb
And then, there's this note from Regenia: "Dan . . . here is what else . . . Miss Mountain Electric resulting in the nick name Miss Light Bulb from you and your friends. You have provoked me to think about those days in the early 60(s). Our fun times were focused on football, basketball, dancing and these activities filled our days as teenagers. I don't ever remember hearing anything about including drugs into our lifestyle. I have spent the last couple of days smiling, thanks to you. If you really want to smile go the youtube and look for Earl Scruggs, Foggy Mountain Breakdown. This is the music we danced too during those wonderful days at Cranberry High School. Bluegrass music makes me happy and now I know why . . . this is the music we danced too in our youth." 

Cool stuff, huh?

Regenia, front right, and Martha, front left, with the majorettes and flag squad.

Regenia (center, with Martha right of her) in one of the square dance teams on which CLOG! is based.
This is my senior football team, Cranberry High School. I'm No. 11, second row.

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